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Nutrition - the foundation of what we do & what it means for girls and women

Did you know March is designated as National Nutrition Month? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition practitioners, and it celebrates National Nutrition Month every year in March (1). The goal of National Nutrition Month is to promote wise food choices and healthy habits, which include sound nutrition and physical activity (2).

Our 4 Paradigms: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty & Mental Clarity

National Nutrition Month is a perfect time for people to remember that there are so many aspects of life that nutrition affects. For this reason, 360Girls&Women® addresses health through the complete lifecycle (adolescence, young women, older women, and mother-hood and beyond) of girls and women by embracing the relationship between nutrition, fitness, beauty, and mental clarity, where nutrition is the foundation for all of our programs.

Plant-Based Nutrition

For nutrition, we promote the role that plant-based foods have in disease prevention and healing. Nutrition-related diseases are major causes of the U.S population’s death. For U.S women, breast cancer causes the second highest number of deaths compared to other forms of cancer (3). Plant-based foods can be used as a powerful weapon to tackle this health issue. Studies have shown that dark green/yellow-orange vegetables and fruits have the potential to decrease breast cancer risk (4). Research also shows that alliments women struggle with like PCOS, Fibroids, Irregular periods, PMS, etc symptoms can be managed and many times resolved with diet and lifestyle changes. We make plant-based eating simple, effective, tasty, and targeted to your health concerns. We teach you how to make your favorite meals more plant-forward by utilizing specific cooking methods and techniques, along with using unique spices, herbs, and much more, to enhance flavor and to fortify your body. Want to learn more? Check out our Nutrition & You - Eat like a boss ™ program.

Staying Fit or Physically Active is For Women of All Ages

We also encourage women of all ages to stay fit not only because of its physical benefits but because of its mental health benefits, too. Studies have shown that physical activity can influence teenagers to have a positive self-image and to have a better quality of life regarding their social health (5). Staying fit can also help reduce depression in older women, as well (6). Many women lack the planning and techniques it takes to assist with maxium satisfaction and provide results. Find out more about our Nutrition & Fitness - Act like a boss ™

Your Outer Beauty Reflects Your Inner Beauty

Our third aspect of health is beauty. We do believe that true beauty comes from within, but we also believe that your outer beauty should reflect the warm, bubbly personality that is within you. Being aware of harmful ingredients in household and self- care products and providing tools to help you choose wisely is part of our beauty community and client education. Did you know natural products that are not often thought of as beauty products can easily be used to make your skin shine and improve the health of your skin? For example, avocado oil has been shown to be so beneficial for your skin that it has even been added to vitamin B12 creams for the treatment of certain skin disorders (7). We have resources to enhance your outer beauty. Interested in learning more? check out our

Mental Clarity: Clear, Focused mind

Lastly, mental clarity is never forgotten, especially if you are caring for your children, an elderly parent, etc. However, without proper selfcare, we can’t care for others. We stress the need for women to embrace themselves for who they are and to feed their self-esteem with positivity on a daily basis. Besides setting aside “me time,” and following up with therapy, as needed, one way to care for your mental health is through prayer, and science supports this, too. Research has shown that private prayers can encourage you to have a purpose-driven life, and it can reduce anxiety. Also, prayers that focus on being grateful have been specifically shown to help your well being (8). Other holistic mind-body therapies are embraced at 360Girls&Women® specifically in our program: Nutrition & Mental Clarity - Think like a boss ™

A Holistic Women's Health Registered Dietitian & Wellness Practitioner

Nutrition, fitness, beauty, and mental clarity are what we call our four paradigms. By focusing on these aspects of health and wellness, using nutrition as the foundation, we give girls and women a science-backed holistic guide (physically, mentally, and spiritually) on how to live a wholesome healthy life full of vitality - Complete Health for the Complete You™

National Nutrition Month also emphasizes that Registered Dietitians are the food and nutrition experts who can help clients manage and prevent complex diet and lifestyle related diseases. Your primary care doctor/nurse practitioner can provide you with a referral but many individuals do not need a referral to see a dietitian. Access to a dietitian should be easy. That's why we provide care through virtual/online HIPPA secure platform that is easy and convienient to use - right from the comfort of your home! Interested in learning more?


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