I'm a plant-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a focus on holistic women's health. I help girls and women like you naturally achieve complete health for the complete you (physical, mental, & spiritual) using nutrition as the foundation! 

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Over the course of my life - through education, experience, and exploration - I have encountered vast amounts of information pertaining to the optimal overall health and beauty of women. I have been a registered dietitian for over 10 years, serving in a variety of roles during this time. I am also a Women's Fitness Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer. My passions and specialties include weight management, diabetes prevention and management, and addressing female ailments. My experience is backed with an undergraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, specialization in Dietetics, with a minor in Health Science Education, a graduate degree in Nutrition and Wellness, and a board certification in diabetes care and education, so you're in a safe space, where the world full of health myths exits.

-Sue-Ellen Anderson Haynes

Nationally recognized nutrition and food expert

A little of my story...

Rewind to a few years ago, my last pregnancy was horrific!

Being on bedrest for an unspecified diagnosis during pregnancy and having an extremely long post-partum during what’s supposed to be a recovery, shifted my health from very good to what I thought was poor. What made things worse, was that I couldn’t become active due to restrictions and severe pain.

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My entire life was affected

I didn’t want to even go outside because I thought, "If I can’t do what I used to why bother?" I prayed and asked for a breakthrough because at that point I was going to break. Caring for myself, my newborn, and the rest of my family was literally impossible on a day to day basis.

I opened a book called the Ministry of Healing

It was then I decided to put the principles I know and have learned as a wellness practitioner into practice to gain healing and recovery - taking control of my health. I would like to teach you these similar evidence-based practices/principles. Whether it's for a breakthrough recovery or for achieving optimal health - physical, mental, and spiritual health. Of course, I couldn’t have made it this far without the encouragement and support of my husband, family, and friends and most importantly, God. This health and wellness company is for girls and women just like me, just like you - like your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and all girls and women of this world. 


About 360Girls&Women®


"What makes us different?"


360 represents completion. At 360 G+W we provide personalized insight to help girls and women maximize their complete wellness through the complete life cycle. 


Using nutrition therapy in collaboration with a variety of evidence-based traditional and alternative innovative approaches, we address elements of holistic health - Physical, Mental, Spiritual - as each element uniquely applies to adolescent girls, young women, and older women. We also dedicate a specialty section to focus on motherhood (planning, becoming, & beyond). 

Our content and services are relevant to young women, women, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, and all who care about the health and vitality of their lives and women of the world. 

My experiences as a young girl, teen, and now mother coupled with my professional background in the care of women facing medical issues anywhere from acne, fibroids, PCOS, to autoimmune disease or chronic illnesses have been the driving force for the creation of this practice. I founded 360Girls&Women® for this very purpose- to dispel myths, one by one, and create trusted health and wellness education and services.

- Sue-Ellen Anderson Haynes