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Aloe Vera: Top Beauty Uses + Bonus Recipe

Aloe, a cactus plant, is used both externally and internally in alternative medicine.

The most popular way to use aloe is externally on the skin and hair. Aloe not only assists with healing cuts and bruises but it also used in many beauty products to help with boosting collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body

and it is found in various places such as your skin, intestinal lining, muscles, tendons, and bone. As you age your ability to make collagen slows down (seen with sagging skin, weak muscle tone, etc). There are foods that can help promote the production of collagen such as protein foods (for example legumes) but if you’re not eating the precursors for example, vitamin C and zinc, your body will not be able to make collagen efficiently.

It’s often told that many plant-based eaters (for example vegans, vegetarians) tend to have younger looking skin, which may be due to the plethora of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables along with the precursors of collagen found in these foods.

Internally aloe (decolorized whole leaf extract)

can soothe heartburn symptoms and other digestive issues

Do use with caution and always check with your healthcare provider (such as your doctor and your personal registered dietitian) before changing your dietary/supplement regimen especially if you are taking medication.

Beware of supplements, broths…

If you’re eating a healthy diet there is no need to purchase collagen supplements and bone broths. At 360Girls&Women® our way of thinking is always plant-forward. Eating plant foods in balanced portions to provide protein, fat, carbohydrates and all the antioxidants – including collagen- you need is something we specialize in. There are times though, during the lifecycle of girls and women where certain supplements are needed to support a particular health issue, growth or development, or correct or prevent vitamin/mineral deficiencies seen in puberty, pregnancy, menopause and so on.

What about skin and hair products?

Remember what you eat tops all the creams, serums, and oils in the world that you would apply to your skin or hair. You have the potential to have healhty hair, glowing skin, arrest acne, increase collagen naturally and much more, primarily using FOOD! Can you imagine how much more you would glow if you added a balanced anti-inflammatory, hormone friendly eating plan AND natural beauty products to your regimine?! For more information see our Nutrition & Beauty – B.e the boss ™ program which inlcudes beauty foods, natural products, recipes, and so much more.

Check out this DIY beauty recipe: created by 360Girls&Women®

Support skin health with a renewal serum to regenerate cells and reduce the signs of aging.

a. Recipe = ½ cup pure aloe (cut aloe plant and scape out aloe), 5 drops

lemon essential oil, 10 drops frankincense essential oil, and ¼ cup Jojoba or

Olive oil.

b. Blend or Mix well and store in cool place for up to ~ 1 week. When ready to apply,

gently massage with finger tips 1-2 teaspoon to face. Used as a night serum.

Rinse in the morning.

Visit our essential oil page to learn more about essential oil's origin, use, and benefits. Use our sponsor and enroller number 16670036 at check out.




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