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Sweet and Savory Hormone-Friendly Appetizer for the Holidays

What does "hormone friendly" even mean? When you hear the word hormone many peole think of sex hormones - estrogren, progesterone, and testosterone. However the human body has over 50 hormones.

Hormones function like a "lock and key" meaning there is a gland that releases the hormone (key) and a cell (lock) to which the hormone binds.

Once the key enters the lock the work of the hormone is carried out. For example after eating a meal (particualrly a meal with carbohydrates) insulin (key) is released from the pancreas (an organ/gland) and binds to our cells (lock). When this transaction is done correctly, the cell (lock) opens and sugar or glucose is now able to enter into the cells so they can continue to carry our their functions. We all need insulin to survive, without it our cells (cells such as your brain cell, red blood cells etc.) will not function. All of the hormones in the human body play an intricate role and any disturbances can alter other functions.

In order to understand the role of hormones it is imperative to know that the endocrine system is the star player.

The endrocrine system is the "control center" for our hormones and assist with things like:

  • energy production (metabolism)

  • reproduction

  • growth and development

  • response to stress and injury

So back to our original question, what does hormone-friendly mean?

Based on the roles described above, hormone friendly would indicate that it can assist with energy production, aid in healthy reproduction, growth and developlment and/or can provide recovery from stress or injury.

So, does the food we eat have the power to proliferate illness or even aid in recovery and healing? According to an overwhelming amount of research, chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc) is majorly influenced by lifestye or behavior choices - one being your diet, aka the foods you eat. So the answer to the question is a resounding, YES. Food has power. In addition to current evidence-based science, Hippocrates knew this too well and said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food."

It's the holidays and you should enjoy the foods

you love!

It also means being cautious and aware of how these foods make you feel. After eating your favorite meal does it make you feel energized or sluggish? Do you experience clearer skin or more breakouts? Or are you having upset stomach and digestion issues or is your stomach at ease?

If you're looking for foods to keep you calm, yet energized during the holidays aka hormone-balancing, then you should try experimenting with figs.

Figs are known to have an impressive nutrient profile and are very high in fiber, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin K. Many of these vitamins and minerals are needed for the endocrine system to function at optimal levels to give energy, relax muscles and calm nerves. For example, fiber enables excess estrogen to be released from the body and at the same time allows blood sugars to be more stable (preventing the sluggish feeling) thus aiding how insulin and glucose work after a meal.

As a beauty bonus, figs are known to support hair growth and skin health due to its high nutrient profile of vitamins and minerals mentioned above and its anitoxidant power (quells free radicals that cause damage to the skin, hair, etc). It's also believed that figs can assist with the fertility of women but there are not sufficent studies to properly address this.

Here is the recipe:

Our Sweet Savory HormoneFriendly Holiday Appetizer is

taken from our -EAT LIKE A BOSS Nutrition & You - E.A.T B.etter series™ ebook.

© 2021 Exclusive Copyright of 360Girls&Women®LLC


  • 2 medium (2-1/4" dia) Figs, raw

  • 4 Sweet Basil leaves

  • 1.33 ounces (~ 2.5 tbsp) Nuttin Ordinary Plain Cashew Cheese

  • 8 crackers, gluten-free


1. Slice figs into 8 round pieces (one fig should allow for 4 slices).

2. Add the cashew cheese evenly on each fig slice.

3. Take the 4 basil leaves and tear in half, placing one piece on top of the cashew cheese.

4. Finally, place the entire fig+cashew cheese+ basil concoction on each cracker and enjoy!

Let me know in the comments if you tried it!

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Our Sweet & Savory Hormone-Friendly Holiday Appetizer is

taken from our -EAT LIKE A BOSS Nutrition & You - E.A.T B.etter series™ ebook.

© 2021 Exclusive Copyright of 360Girls&Women®LLC


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