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Vegan Meat Loaf

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

A Delicious Holiday Recipe Even Meat Eaters Will Enjoy!

With the holidays around the corner (Christmas & New Year’s), many want to indulge and not pay for it. Why not add a meal to your holiday menu that is both satisfying and all around nutritious?! This all-time favorite savory dish is non other than our 360G+W Pecan Lentil Meat Loaf (see recipe below).

This anti-inflammatory meal is just what the dietitian ordered - packed with nuts, seeds, and legumes- all proven to assist the body in so many different ways like fertility, blood sugar control, gut health, and so much more.

Meat lovers, put this in your meat-less Monday rotations. Seriously though, several studies show the consumption of meat increases risk of inflammation in the body. Eating less meat is also environmentally friendly.

Lentils are inexpensive, can be used in a diverse array of dishes, AND can feed large families. You can’t go wrong eating more plants. Give it a try and put this dish on your holiday menu!!

The Recipe - 360G+W Pecan Lentil Meat Loaf

created as part of our EAT LIKE A BOSS Nutrition & You - E.A.T B.etter series™

© 2021 Exclusive Copyright of 360Girls&Women®LLC


1.5 cups pecans 3 cups cooked lentils 1⁄2 cup sunflower seeds 1⁄2 med onion 1.5 cup celery 1/8 cup fresh garlic 2 TBSP fresh thyme 1/2 cup dried oats 2 TBSP onion powder 1 TBSP cumin 1 TBSP sage 1 TBSP garlic powder 2 TBSP catchup or BBQ sauce 2 tsp Braggs Liquid Aminos 1⁄2 tsp kosher salt or to taste 1 tbsp grapeseed or avocado oil


1. Grind the pecans, then process the sunflower seed in a blender (I used my Vitamix) or food processor until fine. If you don’t have a food processor crush/chop into very small pieces.

2. Add dry oats, cumin, sage, salt, garlic powder and onion powder to the nut and seed mixture, and mix well.

3. In pan, add the oil and place on medium heat. Add the fresh garlic, diced medium onions, thyme, ½ cup celery and cook until semi-soft. Then add the Braggs Liquid Amino toward the end of cooking. Remove from stove and set aside.

4. In a different pot, add your dried lentils and cook according to package instructions. Make sure the lentils are cooked soft then puree/mash.

5. Next, combine everything: In a large bowl add the 3 cups cooked lentils with the sautéed celery mixture, and the pecan and sunflower seed mixture and stir well.

6. In a lightly oiled baking loaf pan, add the loaf and form to fit pan. Add your favorite red sauce or ketchup by lightly coating/brushing it on top.

7. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees for ~45- 60 min.

8. Set aside and let it cool; slice and serve. Recoat the top of the loaf with the red sauce. 1 serving is about 6 ounces (FYI, 3-ounce slice is the size of a deck of cards). Makes ~ 8 servings.

To get individualized nutrient breakdown on meal items and health coaching for your specific needs learn more about our 1:1 Virtual Concierge Cooking Class: Cooking for your personal health needs.

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