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10-day Daniel Lifestyle Challenge
Refocus + Recharge

Refocus and Recharge with Holistic Approaches that are backed by science, using food as the foundation along with innovative wellness practice.
"And at the end of 10 days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food" Daniel 1:15

10 Day Daniel Lifestyle Challenge.png

10-day Daniel Lifestyle Challenge

What's included:

  • Two live group Question & Answer sessions with Women’s Health Dietitian and Wellness Practitioner, Sue-Ellen

  • Ebook guide with 15 simple, delicious, whole food plant-based recipes

  • Shopping list with macronutrient categories

  • Must-know meal prepping tips and tricks

  • Sample meal plan

  • Health Checklist to compare your pre and post challenge progress

  • Each day you will get access to ~10-minute motivational and educational videos to learn insight about the history of Daniel's lifestyle. Detail about your daily Health Challenge based on our Paradigms (Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, & Mental Clarity) included in videos.

  • Community support with all Daniel Lifestyle challenge participants that join group messaging.

  • Winner of the challenge gets a goodie bag with speciality items to support Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty and Mental Clarity.

  • Total Cost $47 (Valued at $700)

What you may experience after the challenge:

  • Better framework for forming healthy habits

  • Improved digestion, bowel regularity

  • Well rested, better night’s sleep

  • More energy

  • Improved mood and concentration

  • Weight loss

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower blood sugar

"There is no one supplement, no one medication, no one green drink that will save you - it's an ENTIRE lifestyle change that's long lasting, provides results and satisfaction.  It starts with mindset, making baby steps to reach your destination. Join me on making your FIRST step. Register for the 10-Day Daniel Lifestyle Challenge to explore the Daniel Diet and beyond."
Limited spots  available. 

New Challenge Starts on 1/19/13


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