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Black Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Helping you achieve - complete health for the complete you™ 

black registered dietitian nutritionist


“360 G+W


is your premium source for holistic health and wellness services for girls and women throughout the complete life cycle.”

Our practice provides corporate wellness workshops (virtual & in person), health and wellness coaching, specialty programs, MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy), DSME/DSMT  (Diabetes Self Management Education & Training via our tele-health HIPPA secure virtual platform for clients.

Through the physical (nutrition, fitness, beauty), mental and spiritual (mental clarity) 360Girls&Women® embraces living your best life by offering personalized plans for health improvement or maintenance, disease prevention, and healing, within all the life stages of girls and women. We

want girls and women to have complete health and live a

life full of vitality that limits harmful chemicals, toxins, or anything that's not right for you.


When I was pregnant I had immense pain near my pelvis and really bad constipation, Sue Ellen provided me with pregnancy counseling and recommended plant-based meals, vitamins and supplements to boost my fiber intake to address the constipation, natural pain remedies, and more. When the doctors ignored my pain she personally spoke to them and asked about relevant lab testing. I thank Sue-Ellen so much, my situation was taken seriously and I was able to have a healthy pregnancy. Everyone needs a Sue-Ellen in their corner, I highly recommend her services !


Events Manager + Mom of 4


Sue-Ellen gave two presentations at the Golden Gate SDA Church Annual Health Day in Naples, Florida. Although the presentations were virtual, her mastery of the content, presentation modality and clarity of purpose were so effective that she held the attention of the viewers for the entire duration. Her presentations generated multiple relevant questions to which she responded with requisite scientific knowledge and practical applications. Following the presentations, Mrs. Anderson-Haynes emailed answers to other relevant information generated from queries of the viewers. We were delighted with her presentations and working with her was a pleasure. I would recommend her services without hesitation.


Dr. Patricia G., MD

ER Physician

Sue-Ellen provided wellness coaching to a small group of women on nutrition and wellness optimization based on the topics we requested. She was very informative and provided great education on a topic not often discussed in our community. I have started to incorporate some of the wellness tips shared during the presentation. I plan to watch how I eat and also plan to help other women around me with the information learned. I would highly recommend 360Girls&Women services. 


The ministry of 360Girls&Women is impacting lives; it did mine.  I have a history of multiple fibroids for which I had previous surgery.  Conventional medicine failed me; the surgery and medications did not help.  My fibroids, pain and bleeding just got worse through the years leading me to contemplate hysterectomy at a young age. Thankfully, I had great advice from Sue-Ellen who encouraged me to have faith in God’s healing power and natural remedies. I attended a virtual program hosted by 360Women&Girls on Women’s Health and learned information that I incorporated in my lifestyle changes. And praise God, I canceled the planned hysterectomy because now I have less fibroids than before and all the remaining are smaller than they previously were. I hope other women will be empowered by the power of healthy living and the natural remedies God has given us for healing and enjoying a quality life on this earth.

ruth pregnant.jpeg

Mom of 2

 I was really impressed with how personable Sue-Ellen was when she worked with me. It was also helpful that she personalized each service individually. I really felt her care and dedication to providing me with a service that I could call my own. I am more aware of what I consume daily. I am also willing to try plant-based food because of 360Girls&Women. I plan on exposing my children to plant-based recipes, which also continues to build on my push to encourage my family to eat healthy. I would absolutely recommend 360Girls&Women services and I am already recommending it to my family. 

My name is Carmel P. I am a staff accountant and small business owner. I've used 360Girls&women for a Menu Item Analysis for a product line. The service was excellent and I was pleased with the result. I have attended her educational classes and have learned a bit and as a result, made changes in my life. Sue- Ellen is knowledgeable, courteous, and highly professional. I highly recommend her services.


Research Project Manager 

Dr. Colette R., MD

Staff Accountant

My daughter was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance, very low protein levels, and was also under weight. Due to these underlying conditions she was losing her hair and her menstrual cycle had completely stopped. Thanks to Sue-Ellen and her invaluable knowledge in all things nutrition, my daughter has gained a few pounds, she is eating foods that help her protein intake and has also started her menstrual cycle again after 6 months. Thanks to Sue-Ellen we have learned the value of food and we see food differently now. We can see how healing food is when we eat the right foods.

Jessica testimonial.jpeg

Mom of 3

Sue-Ellen is an amazing Dietitian Nutritionist who is committed to supporting each individual client! I had the privilege of booking Sue-Ellen to facilitate a virtual cooking demonstration for pregnant and postpartum mothers. Sue-Ellen communicated in a timely manner and made sure each participant was prepared with an ingredient list (inclusive of any dietary restrictions and allergies) and household item checklist. During the virtual cooking demonstration, Sue-Ellen explained each food item being used and how it benefits the body nutrient-wise. It was easy to follow along and cook as Sue-Ellen was demonstrating from her kitchen. The vibe and energy was so positive and each participant reported feeling more confident on cooking meals to support their bodies during the pregnancy and postpartum period. Thank you again Sue-Ellen for being so professional, accommodating, and friendly. We look forward to working with you again!

Bria Gadsden.png

Bria G. MS,
Executive Director, Love Your Menses

Our Paradigm

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“Nutrition is the foundation of life.”™ - Sue-Ellen, Registered Dietitian. Food should be nourishing and pleasing to the palate, all at the same time and food heals. 360Girls&Women® believes that real food from the earth should be eaten. The ideal is to eat plant-based, the benefits of which have been documented through numerous scientific studies–but even incremental steps provide significant benefits. Learn how to make these delicious meals to address needs through the life cycle of a girl and woman. Adolescence, Young Women, Older Women, Motherhood

My fitness motto, “the more you move, the more you WILL move, the less you move, the less you WILL move.”The physical benefits of regular exercise have been well documented, and now the mental and social benefits are being recognized as well. We all know the challenges of staying active, often due to lack of time, energy, will, or even money. We aim to inform girls and women of the advantages of exercise, provide exercise guidelines and routines, and offer tips on time management to help you embrace physical activity as a part of your lifestyle. Adolescence, Young Women, Older Women, Motherhood. 

Beauty is only skin deep, but you owe it to yourself to allow your outer beauty to reflect your true inner beauty. Maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, hair, and nails doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Products we use every day to beautify our home can also impact our bodies. Knowing what to look for and what to stay away from is important in maintaining overall health. Learn what routines and products support the comfort and glow you naturally generate. Adolescence, Young Women, Older Women, Motherhood

We at 360Girls&Women® understand the power of a clear, focused mind in a strong, confident woman. Attending to rest, mediation, meaningful relationships, spiritual needs, and so much more helps create the mental space to deal with adversity and supercharge the other areas of our lives. Learn how to incorporate these aspects of health into your life. Adolescence, Younger Women, Older Women, Motherhood

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Mental Clarity

What Brings You Here?

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and self beauty care.




Holistic health

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Nationwide businesses that choose to work with us: Jack & Jill of North America, Inc. American Diabetes Association, Boston Public Health, Glo Mom, Inc., Love Your Menses, Inc.,  
Women’s New England Ministries,  Bond of Color with Boston Children’s Hospital, 
Boston Public Library, American Kidney Fund,  Boston University, Simmons University,
Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Diabetes Education For All, Inc., Fight Through Flights, Inc., 


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